Contact Console

Use Contact Console to collect all the contacts submitted to plugins you use every day on your WordPress website.  When you want to see the information, it is easily available for review! Why do you want this plugin on your website? You’ve always wanted a way to collect contact information for everyone who […]


Wheel of Life Assessment

Fully configurable to reach into your potential and current client’s soul and learn what they need to work with you.  Now configured to work with Contact Console,  Wheel of Life Assessment is an amazing assessment tool.  Check it out!  Then Click Buy It Now! Why do you want this plugin on your website? Imagine your […]


Life Assessment One

Life Assessment One plugin in action: Now included in the Life Assessment One plugin is a fully initialized sample that includes graphical output to your user.  Based on the PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) the Stress Test provided can be used as is, or modified to meet your needs.  To see this newly configured option, take […]


Simple Customer Request System Pro

Plugin in development. Based on the popular Simple Customer Request System, the Pro version adds more flexibility and options. Dynamic field types. Dynamic fields. Free Updates For One Year. Renewals $77 per year Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


Simple Customer Request System

You need to ask your customers for specific information. Sometimes there is no simple way to ask….. But now there is! Get Simple Customer Request System and your customer support needs can be handled easily. Free updates for one year. Renewals $47 per year Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


uno Contact

The Best Contact Form for YOU because it’s simple and it works. You know all those other forms you’ve tried.  404 errors and stupid crazy frustration… Just FIX it.  uno Contact is the one you need to end that frustration and aggravation. One day I worked on my website.  It was almost a whole day of […]

Wheel of Life Pro

Wheel of Life Pro WordPress Plugin

Wheel of Life Pro is your Lead Generator! Wheel of Life Pro adds a Lead Generator option to your coaching business.  Capture potential client’s name and email address in your autoresponder email list.  Add lead generator capture capabilities to your already useful and reliable Wheel of Life standard edition! You already  understand how valuable a lead generator is […]

software_manager_image Update and License Manager

ANNOUNCING!!!  BETA RELEASE Manage and RUN Your WordPress Plugin Software Development Business with Update and License Manager! JUST LIKE WE DO!  This is exactly the same software running our business! Make the process of selling, licensing, updating and managing your software KISS simple with this management system. This plugin works with Easy Digital Downloads […]


Evergreen Automated Greeting System

Greet your WordPress website visitors with a customized video greeting funnel. Each visit provides the configurable opportunity to present your web visitor with new fresh content.  Presentation is unique for each visitor based on cookies stored on their computer that help to identify the next video to show your visitor. Configuration options offer the ability […]