Frequently Asked Questions

I like your plugins for coaches!


Are the questions on the life assessment pro able to be customized?

All of the questions are customizable. In fact, the Assessment plugins (Life Assessment One & Wheel Assessment) require you to enter your own titles, subtitles and questions.

Does the lead generator integrate with other email marketing services?

The Assessment and Pro level plugins integrate with the following Autoresponders (you can request others if they are required)
Custom HTML integration (that can work with most autoresponders that allow HTML integration)

Do the wheel of life pro & the life assessment email to clients as a PDF?

All of the plugins that send email send html email. The Wheel plugins (all three of them) include an embedded PNG image for the graphic. (Remember, you can try them out to see what you receive back.)
Further note: The embedded PNG image is optional with Wheel Assessment.

Is there a way on both of these to add custom text descriptions?

All of the text is modifiable and can say anything you want.

Are colors and fonts and/or backgrounds able to be customized?

Colors are user selectable. Fonts are mostly left up to the theme. The wheel chart fonts are currently not user customizable. The Wheel-Assessment and Life-Assessment-One plugins are the most recently developed plugins and have features that are not included in the others. These new features include: Video introduction can be included (optionally) to describe to your client what you mean. Images can be used for the Introduction and for each question if you want to use a picture (keep in mind that the larger the download, the slower the assessment (quiz) loads for the client). There are a couple other cool features, but they slip my mind at the moment.

Can I change the default/preset titles in the boxes on the life wheel–so the show up as I want them to for clients?

All the titles for the wheel of life are customizable by you to show up the way you want them to. Note that if you want really long titles, they will look strange around the wheel chart.

Note that all of the plugins are running live on the website.  You can take a look and see how they work.

(Note that wheel-of life – the last one in the list above – does not include Email Autoresponder integration) for other plugins