Affiliate Program

We all want extra income.  Face it, everybody could use an extra hundred or two every month.  What if you could get that extra hundred or two selling a product that you didn’t have to create?


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When you understand how important good solid tools really are, you can appreciate how much they help you and your customers Get The Job Done!

 Video Tools

Evergreen Automated Greeting System and it’s Pro Version is very  when you understand how important giving fresh content to your website visitors really is!  Each time they come back to your site they get a different video from you telling them something important they really need to know.

Evergreen Video Sales Letter and it’s Pro Version gives you the ability to present a sequence of four videos to your customer list.  You’ve seen video launch software from time to time when someone does a product launch.  Now you can have your own!

Evergreen Webinar Sales System and it’s Pro Version makes your WordPress website a webinar platform!  You can schedule an automated webinar to repeat up to five times in one day.   ….and!  You can schedule a repeat of the webinar on other days in the future.  That’s what EVERGREEN means!

Coaching Tools

We also developed the tools that coaches use to help their clients with personal development.

Wheel of Life and it’s Pro Version enable your coaching clients to visualize their progress as they work through your coaching program.  We always remember that a picture is worth at least 1000 words.  Wheel of Life gives you and your coaching clients the ability to see real life progress!

Web Hosting

When you are ready to put up your WordPress website, remember that we can help you with that too!

Please Note:  Our affiliate program does not (yet) include the web hosting portion of our product line.  The main reason is, we haven’t had time to develop that part of our system.  If this is something that interests you, please let us know so we can give it a higher priority.