Evergreen Webinar Sales System


It’s clear.  You see the power of video everywhere.  Video grabs attention.  It makes people pay attention.  You want to integrate webinars into your video marketing presentations, but signing up for those video hosting platforms seems so expensive.  You want to put video webinars on your site without paying for it over and over again.  What if you could do your own webinar and host it on your own WordPress website?


You CAN!


Evergreen Webinar Sales System gives you the ability to integrate your own webinar into your WordPress website.  Set up your campaign to run only one time, or schedule it to repeat as often as you want.  Up to five showings each day can be configured!

Video can be stored and presented from YouTube or other video sources.

A configurable offer link can be displayed and can also be delayed to appear at an exact time during the webinar presentation.  An optional countdown urgency timer can also be shown at a configurable time during the webinar presentation to add incentive for webinar attendees to take action on your offer.

Evergreen Webinar Sales System is right for You!:

  • Uses Your WordPress time zone.
  • You have the plugin on your own WordPress website.
  • You control whether you receive updates for your site.
  • You control when changes are made to your site.
  • You are in charge of what happens to your site!

Free updates for one year.

Renewals $37 per year
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice