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You’ve already seen the Wheel of Life or Circle of Life concept in your coaching business.  You might even use one.  You give your clients a print out to manually chart personal progress from week to week or month to month.

But you don’t have Wheel of Life the WordPress Plugin tracking tool.  …and you need it to give your coaching business that edge that nobody else has.  …at least not yet.

Those manual tracking instruments and exercises bring your clients value; of course they do.  If they didn’t, you wouldn’t use and recommend them.  But some of your clients are just too lazy.  They don’t actually finish the charting when you recommend they do.

Take away their excuse. …make it so easy that even your two year old can do it!

Give your clients the ability to create their own Wheel of Life tracking instrument with the click of a button!

The Wheel of Life is a tool used by coaches across the world to help their clients and customers visualize their life progress.  If you’d rather use the concept of Circle of Life, the settings are configurable for that too.

Because a picture is easily worth at least 1000 words.  Now compatible with Contact Console for even better customer management!

See your own progress and try out the plugin for yourself right here!

Wheel of Life

For each category, enter a value from 0 - 10 indicating how satisfied you are with that area of your life right now. When you're happy with the values, Click Test The Plugin below to create your own.


Concept from:LifeShiftAcademy.com

Wheel of Life plugin is a tool that helps your clients create more balance and success in their life.  Wheel of Life plugin is useful in your coaching practice to enable visitors to your WordPress website to visually see and track their own progress while working with you as their coach.

Check out Wheel of Life Pro to use the amazing Wheel of Life as a Lead Generator for your coaching business.

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