What on earth is Mautic?

I recently discovered a new option in the world of online marketing. This option has been out there for quite a while, but I didn’t know anything about it. Mautic When I read through the options provided by Mautic, it sounds very similar to Infusionsoft. My personal problem with Infusionsoft is the cost of that […]

Push for New Features Completed!

After a longer week than I expected (yes, I know….it’s only Wednesday morning) there have been significant improvements in the plugins! A quick update. I just finished updating three of my plugins to allow multiple quizzes or assessments on the same WordPress website. This will help you if you need to target more than one […]


Wheel of Life Assessment

Another very busy week. You thought last week was good.  You really need to see this new plugin!  Developed on the base of Life Assessment One this plugin takes more coaching insights from Tony Robbins and helps you gather new clients or you can assess the progress of your existing clients. Take a look at this! Why do […]


Life Assessment One WordPress Plugin Released!

It’s been a very busy week. Developing new software sometimes takes more time than we expected. But there is really GOOD news today! If you’ve ever seen a great assessment, you need to check out this plugin in action: Why do you want this plugin on your website? Imagine your potential client visiting your website. […]

Creating the Plugin Directory

It’s always nice when you can get an overview of the plugins available on a site. WordPress has a plugin directory that makes it easy to find plugins. Why doesn’t Update and License Manager have a plugin directory? Well, the real answer is, It Does Now! It takes time to build in the coolest […]


You know that making major updates to software is sometimes more challenging than we think it will be.  The process of writing great software sometimes takes more detail work than we wish it would. But when it’s finished….   WOW!   The satisfaction of a job well done is worth the investment.   And now, […]

Updated: Evergreen Pro Automated Greeting System

Release:  Immediately. After significant updates, Evergreen Pro Automated Greeting System is now integrated with several Autoresponders so you can use the system as part of your marketing system! Understanding the power of video and the value of dynamic presentations to your web site visitors….and now adding the ability to collect their information. This makes your […]

Free Plugin Updated

Today we released a significant update to the free Byron Optin Form Plugin.  The autoresponder features were improved to include automation that you expect in all your quality plugins. Remember, you can configure the plugin with your own message in either HTML or image format! Since it’s a free download, you can sign up and […]

The Dip

Click here to buy I always appreciate the writings of Seth Godin. One of the books he wrote is The Dip. He describes the drop in something before you finally get to the benefit…. So starting something new causes you to lose productivity or income or momentum before you receive the benefits of the new […]