Come Home

This post is a little different than most of the others.  It’s written for a friend.

Come Home

When the struggles of your day are greater than you can bear – you know it’s time [to come home].

Jesus promised the load never too heavy, the burden is light with Him.  When it’s too heavy; more than you can stand you know it’s time [to come home].

[He Says:]  My yoke is Easy and my burden Light – When it’s not you know it’s time [to come home].

–          –

I have run the race.  I have fought the good fight – I have finished the course.  Now, it’s time [to come home].  Jesus give me Dying Grace, Help me finish up the Race.

Make my life [to] leave a Trace – of your Amazing Love; Amazing Grace.

How sweet the name of Jesus – sound that brings me Peace – He leads me in Pastures Green; beside the Quiet Streams.  It is Well with my Soul.

When the Race is Run and the Prize is Won and the Path is Done, I will see Jesus Face to Face.

Don’t Cry for me; I’m with Jesus.  I have Finished my Race.  I have completed the Purpose God Created me for.  Now it’s Time for you to Go Forward – Your Race is not finished Yet.  Your Goal has Not been Reached.  Jesus is not ready for you in Heaven Yet.  Press On.  Go Forward.  Move On.  Jesus is the sweetest name you know.  When it’s all said and done, it’s the People you Know and Love who Matter.  Put a sticker on everything you see.  Either it’s a Relationship and lasts forever – or it’s Stuff that is only Temporary.  Live for the Things That Matter.  The Stuff all goes Back in the Box.  When the struggles of your day are more than you can bear –you know it’s time [to come home].

–          –

Gone Home.  The Door is Open For You.  I’ll be Waiting for you There.

White Knight, March 2, 2010