Evergreen Automated Greeting System


Greet your WordPress website visitors with a customized video greeting funnel.

Each visit provides the configurable opportunity to present your web visitor with new fresh content.  Presentation is unique for each visitor based on cookies stored on their computer that help to identify the next video to show your visitor.

Configuration options offer the ability to control when each of up to four videos will be shown.  Each video can be set to be shown:

  • After a specific calendar date
  • After a browser refresh
  • During the next browser session
  • Tomorrow ( the visit after ‘today’ )
  • Next week ( a configurable number of days )

Each video greeting funnel provides:

  • A configurable offer link so the visitor can click and follow your call to action
  • A configurable countdown urgency timer to give web visitors incentive to take action before the opportunity expires
  • The option to repeat parts of the video greeting funnel in a loop to keep the presentation in rotation indefinitely

The countdown urgency timer can be configured:

  • For a specific end date
  • For a date relative to the user’s first visit to your web page

Evergreen Automated Greeting System should work properly even in cached page settings.

Free updates for one year.

Renewals $37 per year
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice