Install Byron Optin Form Plugin

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When you receive Byron Optin Form Plugin, it arrives as a ZIP file in your email.

Note:  Do not unzip the file.  You don’t need to.

  1. Download the ZIP file to your computer.  Use an easy place to save it so you can find it quickly.  In this example we use C:\Download you can use any location you prefer.
  2. Open your WordPress wp-admin Dashboard.
  3. Select Plugins10_AddNewPlugin
  4. Then Add New
  5. Since we need to install the plugin file that came in an email, we need to tell WordPress where to find it.  On the Add Plugins page, select Upload Plugin11_UploadPlugin
  6. On the next page you will see the option to Select a file.  It looks like this:12_ChoosePluginClick on Choose File.
  7. Choose the plugin file you downloaded earlier.13_ChooseFile
  8. Install the Byron Optin Form Plugin.14_InstallPlugin

Congratulations! You have installed the Byron Optin Form Plugin.

Now it’s time to configure the plugin.

Visit Settings Byron Optin Form Plugin/ to continue.