Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter

Configure Evergreen Video Sales Letters for your website. Present a configurable offer...and Optionally collect their contact information. Imagine the possibilities!

Note: The short code to display the Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter is: [evas]

The short code To access added Video Sales Letter settings uses this format:

For Video Sales Letter 1

  • [evas 1]
  • or
  • [evas id=1]

For Video Sales Letter 2

  • [evas 2]
  • or
  • [evas id=2]

Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter is an amazing tool that enables you to present your video sales letters in time organization that leads up to an optional sale. The options are configurable to enable multiple presentations with multiple configurations. You know that building your products and services online is an important part of the income streams we all need in the New Economy. Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter was designed to help you market the services and products you create in an evergreen, that is, always available online for new customers to discover and buy from you. You need to give potential clients and customers the ability to see and invest in your products all year long ... year after year. As your income streams continue and increase over time, the benefit of Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter grows with you.

Evergreen Pro Video Sales Letter was developed by ByronServices.com in cooperation with LifeShift Academy™ to help you with your online business and marketing needs.


  • a series of video sales letters embedded in a web page
  • video sequence leads to an offer
  • optional evergreen operation mode


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Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 5.4.2
Last Updated: 2020-06-20 04:55:26pm