Website Doctor

Keeping your website up and running securely with current software is a real pain.  You know it.  Some plugins are making updates almost every day it seems.  The reason many of these changes are made is to make your website more safe and secure.  But if they never get installed, your website becomes a hacker target.  How can you get your real work done with all those little details that need attention?  If you stop making updates, your site gets hacked and you’re out of business.

Security updates are serious business.Website owner concerned with website security

Making sure you have the latest software installed is very important.  You know it.

But you also know that you hate doing it.  Taking up to 30 minutes every day to make sure your website is running properly is mind-numbing and confusing work.  It distracts you from the real work you need to get done.  You’re not even sure you’re doing it right.  So you spend even more time researching and searching Google for information on how you should be doing everything.

And then, there are those little projects that need attention every so often.  Not big things really, but tweaks that you need to be done to your website to make it do exactly what you want.

Maybe it’s a lead page that isn’t working quite right.

Sometimes it might be a CSS tweak you need fixed….but you have no idea what CSS is!  You’re not a programmer and you never want to be one.  …and you shouldn’t have to be!

You asked someone to help you with the problems a few times, but they never got around to helping you.  Or, they were clueless about how to approach the problem.

Still, the project needs to get done and you don’t want to to hire a real programmer and pay thousands every time you need an update.

Website DoctorHappy Website Owner using Website Doctor by is the answer to your prayers.

We have real programmers!

With our 20 years of web hosting and website expertise, we fix those little problems that keep coming up.

How do we do it?  Your subscription to our Website Doctor service, helps you submit a request to us and we get it fixed.  Our subscription options include all those security scans, backups and updates so you can stop worrying!

Standard WordPress Package – only $59* USD per month

  • One (1) WordPress website
  • Up to 10 small job** requests every month – 1 request at a time
  • Security protection***
  • optional website hosting
  • optional SSL setup and configuration****
  • We don’t care where you live.  We protect your system no matter where it is!
  • Minimum 3 month signup
  • Average task response time 15 hours.  Often much quicker!  We recommend our Professional package if you want priority support.

Professional WordPress Package – only $129* USD per month

Everything included in Standard WordPress Package PLUS:

  • Up to 3 WordPress websites!
  • Unlimited small job** requests every month – 1 request at a time per website
  • Proactive WordPress, theme and plugin updates to keep your site secure!
  • Free access and license to all WordPress plugins with unlimited software updates with Website Doctor subscription
  • Secure offsite backup.
  • Priority response time!

* Introductory price.  Lock in your low price before the price goes up forever!
** A small job generally takes less than 30 minutes to complete.  If you need more than a “small job” done, it can sometimes be done as several separate small jobs one after the other, or may require a quote from our development team to get the problem fixed.  Website Doctor subscribers get the lowest quote rates!
*** Security.  We strongly encourage all of our supported sites to include an additional plugin that helps us monitor your site 24/7 and notifies us of anything that needs attention.
**** Website Doctor 24/7 support does not include 3rd party software licenses needed for plugins, themes or certificates.  Your hosting account must also support SSL for SSL certificate install.