[It’s been a little while since I’ve made an entry in my blog.  My commitment to spend a specific amount of time each day has been challenged a bit.  Time to get back to the project then.  It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. – Byron]

One of the themes I’ve spent quite a bit of thought on is how our expectations affect our results.  You get out of life to a great degree what you expect.  But expecting someone else to act in a particular way can cause trouble.  You might have noticed this too.

Expectations color life

Sometimes we speak about a person who sees life through rose colored glasses.  Spending some time thinking about this, I agree.  Some people do see life through rose colored glasses.  Others choose to see life through much darker colored lenses.  Reality is a combination of our view of life and of what happens to us.  Our expectations determine to a great degree what our results will be.

I expect to succeed.  I make plans to do successful projects.  Not every project goes as planned.

Two Choices

With every experience in our life we have two choices.  We can grow through the experience and become better, or, we can resent the experience and become bitter.  Most events that happen to us are neutral.  Our response to each event is what brings us joy or sorrow.  We choose whether to be thankful about every event that happens in our life.  Will I be thankful that I had food to eat today, whether it’s the food I prefer, or perhaps not?  Will I grumble when my amazing blessings don’t quite measure up to the mythical Jones’ blessings?  The choice is mine.

Life Tip:

Complaints Go Here

Blue Box for complaints

All the complaints must fit in that tiny little box up there.  If they don’t, they’re too big.  Stop complaining.

Thanksgiving Goes Here:

The space below is where all of the thanksgiving goes.  Add more blank pages whenever you need room.  There is more than enough room for a thankful heart.