The Best

Who is the best in the world at what you do?  It is a very important question.  If you’re not the best at what you do, why not?  What will it take to become the best?  Is mediocre good enough?  Who wants mediocre?

Nobody starts out being the best in the world at anything.  It is important to continually hone your craft and skills to the point that you can be the best.  When you invest more in yourself than you do in your job, the return on investment (ROI) grows and grows until you have significant achievements.  If all you do is the bare minimum to get by, you won’t.

Grow Up

It is essential that you and I take responsibility for exactly where we are right now.  We are who we are EXACTLY because of the DECISIONS we made OURSELVES.  Nobody else on the planet is responsible for our results.  If we don’t have enough to get by, it is because of decisions we ourselves have made.  If we have more than enough, it is because of decisions we ourselves have made.  It is increasingly annoying to listen to people who believe with all their heart that somebody else is responsible for their problems.  Victim Talk will get you nothing but more of the same.

Since nearly everything that we believe is essentially a made up story, why not tell a positive story?  I am making progress.  I am learning and growing every day.  My time is well spent because I invest in myself.  I know more today than I knew yesterday.  I haven’t quit on myself.  I believe that even when I encounter a setback, I will grow through the experience and become a stronger better person through the experience.  I am confident that God has a purpose for my existence that I don’t yet fully understand.  Today I just might discover the purpose for which I was made.


Without purpose, nothing is accomplished.  Vision and goals follow the purpose we set for our lives.  Learning and focusing on our purpose hones the purpose.  We either choose to live on purpose, or chaos will rule.

Real Life Tip:

Define your purpose.  Spend as much time as you need to clarify the purpose you set for your life.  Avoid wasting time and money that distract you from your purpose.  If Real Estate is part of your purpose, then include that as part of your purpose and goals.

Remember that GOALS come AFTER.  Purpose comes FIRST.