Update and License Manager

Sell your WordPress plugins in your own online store and manage the licensing for every customer who installs your software.

Note: Update and License Manager does not use a short code to enable functionality. This plugin uses a WordPress endpoint do do it\'s work. Update and License Manager is an amazing utility that enables you to host and sell WordPress plugins and themes. When you cannot use the WordPress repository to distribute your plugins, Update and License Manager provides you the ability to market, sell and manage your plugins and licenses. Update and License Manager works with Easy Digital Downloads and Software License Manager to build a platform your business can depend on to give the best support and service to your clients and customers. Update and License Manager was developed by in cooperation with LifeShift Academy™ to help you with your online business and marketing needs.


  • host and support multiple WordPress plugins and themes
  • sell update and renew software licenses
  • Evergreen operation mode


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Requires: 5.5 or higher
Tested up to: 6.1.1
Last Updated: 2022-12-19 03:30:16am