Update and License Manager

Sell your WordPress plugins in your own online store and manage the licensing for every customer who installs your software.

2.5.3 - July/28/2022

  • Added Console Banner.

  • Added version improvements.

2.5.1 - July/18/2022

  • Example Update.

2.5 - July/17/2022

  • Product refresh.

  • PHP 8 compatibility updates.

1.7 - June/12/2018

  • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

1.6.1 - December/26/2017

  • Update copyrights.

1.6 - December/26/2017

  • Update copyrights.

1.5.5 - June/7/2017

  • Updated Javascript to disable change warning message.

1.5.4 - May/17/2017

  • Updated Javascript.

1.5.2 - May/16/2017

  • Disabled localhost updates.

1.5 - May/11/2017

  • Corrected License Renew Option

This is an important update if you need to enable License Renew for your plugins.

1.4.20 - January/11/2017

  • Updated Copyright.

  • Updated PHPMailer.

1.4.19 - January/1/2017

  • Fixed Open Graph processing for /plugins endpoint.

1.4.18 - December/26/2016

  • Fixed phpmailer vulnerability that was made public today.

1.4.17 - December/12/2016

  • Removing error_log warnings.

1.4.16 - December/7/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Added code to handle cases when multi-byte string support is not installed.

1.4.15 - December/5/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Corrected code to remove activation warning

  • Updated code to improve license Deactivate

  • Updated Mailer code

  • Added framework for user installation notification

1.4.14 - December/3/2016

Corrected Open Graph Output

1.4.13 - November/23/2016

Cleaning up a little. This should improve "file not found" cases.

1.4.12 - November/19/2016

Corrected bug that prevented display of Change Log in some cases.

1.4.11 - November/19/2016

Corrected ordering of change log entries.

1.4.10 - November/19/2016

Improved look and handling of change log entries

Including support for limited HTML entry values.

1.4.9 - November/18/2016

Added link from Plugin Directory to each specific product.

1.4.8 - November/15/2016

More CSS cleanup for the Plugin Directory and Plugin Information pages

1.4.7 - November/15/2016

Improved display of Plugin Directory and Plugin Entry pages. If you use a smaller screen, this is a very important update.

1.4.6 - November/13/2016

Updated code to display page title for the plugin directory and for each plugin entry. Note: Changes in WordPress 4.4+ modified the way page titles should be displayed. If your theme has not updated, you might not see the correct page titles.

1.4.5 - November/4/2016

Updated reference for access to Open Graph support.

1.4.4 - October/31/2016

Variable error. OpenGraph support was looking at the wrong page type and generated 'website' for all pages. Fixed!

1.4.3 - October/31/2016

Added Open Graph settings so the endpoint and plugin values display properly on social media sharing sites. Cool, right?

1.4.2 - October/30/2016

This is a minor update. Plugin Template was displaying the wrong value for Compatibile Up To value. Instead of the plugin_tested value it was using plugin_version which looked really confusing considering the version of the plugin almost never matches a WordPress version....

1.4.1 - October/30/2016

This is also a very cool update. Added WordPress like Plugin Directory information at: endpoint Now you can display a summary of all your plugins and from there go to the specific plugin-slug provided by update 1.4. For Example visit: Also added a plugin icon and plugin summary that display in the directories.

1.4 - October/29/2016

This is a very cool update. Added WordPress like Plugin Directory information at: endpoing/plugin-slug Now you can display your plugin updates through a normal web page! For Example visit:

1.3.25 - October/21/2016

Corrected reporting of the changelog so WordPress properly displays it in Plugin Information. This is a minor update.

1.3.24 - October/18/2016

Improved client side license control infrastructure.

1.3.23 - October/16/2016

Client Side support for "strict" license enforcement. This is an important infrastructure update.

1.3.22 - October/15/2016

Added infrastructure to support "strict" license enforcement. This update requires modification to client side license checking and plugin operation to use the "strict" value.

1.3.21 - October/3/2016

Corrected admin settings manager. This is an important update if you have users on your system lower than 'administrator' who do not have 'manage_options" authority. (ie., Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, etc)

1.3.20 - October/1/2016

Stopped updating license term except when the operation is 'renew'

1.3.19 - October/1/2016

Correcting license upgrade management system.

1.3.18 - October/1/2016

Enhanced client side license support.

1.3.17 - September/30/2016

Corrected error in version checking for automatic updates.

1.3.16 - September/30/2016

Enhanced license options

1.3.15 - September/30/2016

Upgraded with support for renew / subscribe / upgrade tracking

1.3.13 - September/29/2016

Corrected client/server confusion.

1.3.12 - September/28/2016

Updated license management. ...especially json encoding support.

1.3.11 - September/28/2016

Updated license management.

1.3.10 - September/26/2016

Modified to correct transient error.

1.3.9 - September/26/2016

Updated for code compatibility.

1.3.8 - September/26/2016

Updated JSON handling to correct "License Server Error".

1.3.7 - September/26/2016

Update with JVZoo Affiliate support.

1.3.6 - September/5/2016

Further development and compatibility updates. Upload protection is mostly working correctly. For some reason EDD uploads are not visible on the first load. Reload All Downloads a second time and everything is fine.

1.3.5 - September/5/2016

Further development and compatibility updates. It appears that the upload directory problem has not yet been fixed......

1.3.1 - August/25/2016

This is a hot update. Testing version of compatibility and license performance updates.

1.3 - August/14/2016

Bug fixes in license processing

1.2.2 - July/24/2016

Corrected endpoint definition for AJAX call back functions.

1.2.1 - July/24/2016

Enhanced AJAX handler for renew license code.

1.2 - July/24/2016

Major update to License Renew code.

1.1.1 - July/17/2016

Added workaround code for backward compatibility with outdated self-hosted plugins.

1.1 - July/15/2016

Updated to be faster. Resolved autoupdate bug.

1.0 - July/9/2016

First USER release. Updated licensing mechanisms for the whole system.

0.25.1 - July/1/2016

Significant updates in function and stability. This is an important update.

0.9.1 - July/1/2016

Added the ability to for the administrator to delete plugin entries with user confirmation.

0.9 - July/1/2016

Initial DEVELOPMENT Release of Update and License Manager.

Requires: 5.5 or higher
Tested up to: 6.0.1
Last Updated: 2022-07-29 04:49:52am