Evergreen Pro Webinar Sales System

Configure Evergreen Webinars up to five times a day as often as you need them. Present a configurable offer...and Optionally collect their contact information. Imagine the possibilities!

2.2.5 - June/20/2020

  • Byron.com --> ByronServices.com Support Change.

2.1 - June/12/2018

  • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

2.0 - June/6/2018

  • Added support for MailerLite.com autoresponder.

1.12.2 - January/4/2018

  • Added tags to ActiveCampaign.com autoresponder extension.

1.12.1 - January/2/2018

  • Updated Autoresponder Support

1.12 - December/26/2017

  • Updated copyright.

  • Updated autoresponder support.

  • Added ActiveCampaign autoresponder.

1.11 - May/24/2017

  • Improved video between campaigns

1.9.5 - May/22/2017

  • Added Option and Setting for video between campaigns

  • Updated video handling to use new API.

1.9.3 - May/17/2017

  • Corrected warning message if admin settings are not saved.

1.9.2 - May/16/2017

  • Added warning message if admin settings are not saved.

1.9 - May/10/2017

  • Refreshed Buttons and included hover text settings

  • Improved look and feel of plugin settings.

1.8.26 - January/11/2017

  • Updated Copyright.

  • Updated PHPMailer.

1.8.25 - December/26/2016

  • Fixed phpmailer vulnerability that was made public today.

1.8.24 - December/12/2016

  • Removing error_log warnings.

  • Improved layout for Amazon and Other sources

1.8.23 - December/8/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Added code to handle cases when multi-byte string support is not installed.

  • Added code to be compatible with http[s] requests.

1.8.22 - December/5/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Updated code to improve license Deactivate

  • Updated Mailer code

  • Added information on the settings screen so you know how to set up the shortcode to use the plugin

1.8.21 - November/23/2016

Updated mailer code.

1.8.20 - October/18/2016

Improved client side license control infrastructure.

1.8.19 - October/16/2016

Client Side support for "strict" license enforcement. This is an important infrastructure update.

1.8.18 - October/8/2016

Convenience update to make the subject of each email sent also include the webinar title so it is easier to identify where the email came from and sort them.

1.8.17 - October/7/2016

Reformatted the email contents for client submitted questions to make it more easy to read. Added webinar title to distinguish questions between different webinars.

1.8.16 - October/7/2016

Added the ability to make make the webinar video display smaller. Added the ability to always display the name/email fields on the question box.

1.8.15 - October/6/2016

Major feature update. This should probably be a new version level, but for now, it's a point release. Added the ability to collect comments from webinar attendees. Each comment is sent to a configurable email address. Imagine the ability to get feedback from your Evergreen Webinars! Now you CAN!

1.8.14 - October/3/2016

Corrected admin settings manager. This is an important update if you have users on your system lower than 'administrator' who do not have 'manage_options" authority. (ie., Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, etc)

1.8.13 - October/1/2016

Correcting license upgrade management system.

1.8.12 - October/1/2016

Enhanced client side license support.

1.8.11 - September/28/2016

License support update.

1.8.10 - September/28/2016

License support update.

1.8.9 - September/13/2016

Significant update to autoresponder support. Added AWeber support. Added Sequences/Courses to ConvertKit

1.8.8 - September/3/2016

This is an important update. A lesson in logic..... Back to Logic 101. Cheers!

1.8.7 - September/3/2016

Compatibility update. Bug fixes from major update.

1.8.6 - September/1/2016

This is a significant update. Compatibility updates. AJAX updates. Marketing updates. Includes Autoresponder integration!

1.8 - July/25/2016

Important update. Activation handler updated. Enabled License Renew.

1.7.6 - July/17/2016

Corrected packaging and autoupdate oversight.

1.7.5 - July/15/2016

Repackaged to handle PHP version checking. Updated autoupdate functions.

1.7 - July/9/2016

Updated licensing system.

1.6.7 - July/1/2016

Compatibility updates.

1.6.3 - July/1/2016

Added the ability to for the administrator to delete video entries with user confirmation.

1.6.1 - July/1/2016

Added Media File Select for locally hosted files. Note: This is a handy update if you want to use your own local files. Normally, we recommend using YouTube videos for best results.

1.6 - July/1/2016

Updated user input management and value sanitation.

1.5 - July/1/2016

Updated license management. Corrected shortcode output. Updated settings handling. Note: This is an important update.

1.4.2 - July/1/2016

Updated colors for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

1.4.1 - July/1/2016

Updated Counter Handling and Settings. Updated timezone handling.

1.3 - July/1/2016

Corrected handling of Vimeo and Amazon video content.

1.2 - July/1/2016

Corrected plugin settings bug. Updated resource handling.

1.1 - July/1/2016

Corrected plugin update bug.

1.0 - July/1/2016

Initial Release of Evergreen Pro Webinar Sales System. Resolved licensing configuration issue. Resolved multiple tab configuration settings. Resolved display issue.

0.9 - July/1/2016

Initial DEVELOPMENT Release of Evergreen Pro Webinar Sales System.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 5.4.2
Last Updated: 2020-06-20 04:50:00pm