Wheel of Life Pro

Configure a Wheel of Life (or Circle of Life) for your website. Optionally collect their contact information in your autoresponder. Imagine the possibilities!

3.9.8 - December/18/2022

  • Updated license management handling.

3.9.7 - July/29/2022

  • Added Console Banner.

  • Added version improvements.

3.9.5 - July/17/2022

  • Product refresh.

  • PHP 8 compatibility updates.

3.8.6 - May/25/2022

  • Correct SVG image margins.

3.8.5 - November/25/2021

  • Add support for SmartEmailing.cz autoresponder.

3.8.4 - November/25/2021

  • Use thin divider lines for old format Wheel of Life.

3.8.3 - November/15/2021

  • Updated to handle non Latin character sets in SVG. In the email too...

3.8.2 - November/13/2021

  • Updated to handle non Latin character sets in SVG.

3.8.1 - May/23/2021

  • Updated activation code to provide better defaults for initial install.

3.8 - May/21/2021

  • Updated SVG support to wrap longer labels.

  • Updated SVG support to enable progressive labels.


Since SVG is not supported in most email software, the SVG output is converted to PNG for sending.

3.7.2 - May/5/2021

  • Updated SVG support to display a wider legend.


Since SVG is not supported in most email software, the SVG output is converted to PNG for sending.

3.7.1 - May/5/2021

  • Updated SVG support to display SVG on the output screen when it is available.


Since SVG is not supported in most email software, the SVG output is converted to PNG for sending.

3.7 - May/5/2021

  • Added SVG support with preview.

  • Made improvements to admin settings.


Since SVG is not supported in most email software, the SVG output is converted to PNG for sending.

3.6.5 - March/31/2021

  • Updated to include Google Recaptcha Version 2 support.

  • Updated to add value checking to limit empty submissions.

3.6.2 - February/15/2021

  • Updated to support PHP version 7.4 and 8.0.

3.6 - November/18/2020

  • Fixed option to have more than 12 categories. Maximum is again 30 (though the slices in the image get really thin when the number is large).

  • Added the option to clone an entry with values intact to a new tab.

3.5.7 - October/23/2020

  • Added option to redirect to page or custom URL after chart create.

3.5.6 - August/25/2020

  • PHP 7.4 compatibility updates.

3.5.5 - June/20/2020

  • Byron.com --> ByronServices.com Support Change.

3.5.2 - April/14/2020

  • Improved error logging.

  • Improved license activation.

3.5.1 - April/14/2020

  • Improved error logging.

  • Improved license activation.

3.5 - February/7/2020

  • Upgraded to allow more than 12 categories. Up to 30 categories are not supported.

  • Upgraded wheel graphic image to scale the category legend when more categories are added.

3.1.1 - January/20/2020

  • Improvement in autoresponder handling.

3.1 - January/20/2020

  • Add support for SendInBlue.com autoresponder

2.11 - January/4/2020

  • Updated admin settings to include all strings presented to users (i18n).

2.10.4 - December/25/2019

  • Updated image generation capability.

2.10.3 - December/25/2019

  • Changed to image transparency and the option of alpha images.

2.10.2 - December/25/2019

  • Improved code that manages autoresponder integration.

2.10.1 - December/25/2019

  • Improved code handling happiness levels.

2.10 - October/19/2019

  • Fixed mailer update problem.

2.9.9 - October/18/2019

  • Enabled the ability to choose an alternate email mechanism. If your site is not successfully sending email, this setting will allow using a secondary mechanism to send email that should solve the problem.

2.9.8 - October/17/2019

  • Update debugging capabilities of the plugin.

2.9.7 - October/17/2019

  • Update debugging capabilities of the plugin.

2.9.6 - October/17/2019

  • Update debugging capabilities of the plugin.

2.9.5 - October/10/2019

  • Updates to improve multisite WordPress site.

2.9.4 - October/9/2019

  • Updated mailing code.

  • Improved logging of new contacts.

2.9.3 - September/22/2019

  • Added extended error processing.

2.9.2 - September/21/2019

  • Changed email send condition tests.

2.9.1 - September/21/2019

  • Improved console capabilities and updated mailer namespace.

2.9 - September/21/2019

  • Updated PHP Mail capabilties.

2.8.9 - September/21/2019

  • Updated PHP Mail capabilties.

2.8.8 - September/4/2019

  • Minor update to autoresponder diagnostic information.

2.8.7 - September/4/2019

  • Added more autoresponder diagnostic information.

2.8.6 - September/3/2019

  • Disable email no longer disables autoresponder add requests.

2.8.5 - September/2/2019

  • Add optional email diagnostics for autoresponder add contact requests.

2.8.1 - August/19/2019

  • Update for Vbout autoresponder support.

2.8 - August/19/2019

  • Added Vbout autoresponder support.

  • Updated autoresponder support.

2.7.7 - June/19/2019

  • Adjusted layout

  • Added settings for input box location.

  • Added setting to hide sample image.

  • Adjusted visual size change for example image in browser display.

2.7.6 - June/18/2019

  • Corrected input, label and control sizes.

  • Added settings for text size.

  • Added setting to remove header title from browser input display.

  • Adjusted layout

  • Added visual size change for example image in browser display.

  • Added secondary "Enter your name and email address" instruction.

2.7.5 - June/16/2019

  • Added a second range slider option with smaller layout on many themes.

2.7.2 - June/9/2019

  • Fixed Example Image Generation

  • Fixed Access Additional Quiz from shortcode

2.7.1 - June/7/2019

  • Important Bug Fix for version 2.7

2.7 - June/6/2019

  • Added new User Interface options.
    • Range Slider
    • Select List
    • Number Input

    • Updated Admin User Interface with options and cleaner look.

    • Enabled the option for User Writable/Modifiable Categories.

    2.6.9 - June/5/2019

    • Updating for PHP changes.

    • Fixing name and email placeholder.

    • Correcting update version in the upload.

    2.6.8 - June/4/2019

    • Updating for PHP changes.

    2.6.7 - June/1/2019

    • Fixed BAD bug in 2.6.5

    2.6.5 - May/26/2019

    • WordPress and PHP compatibility updates.

    2.6 - July/19/2018

    • Added support for byronservices.com Contact Console.

    2.5 - June/24/2018

    • Added the option to collect user phone number.

    • Added user provided values to the end of the emailed report.

    2.4.1 - June/12/2018

    • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

    2.4 - June/8/2018

    • Removed confusing options.

    2.3 - June/6/2018

    • Added support for MailerLite.com autoresponder.

    2.2.1 - May/16/2018

    • Updated example image generated when admin settings are changed.

    2.2 - May/16/2018

    • Added Customer Requested "Spiritual" center ring feature as an optional setting that you might use to add an extra dimension to your lead generation.

    2.1.4 - January/18/2018

    • Changed the value of 2.1.3 to add specific settings to remove name and email from the interface..
      Note: If no email address is present, it is impossible to either email or add contacts to the autoresponder.

    2.1.3 - January/15/2018

    • Update: The option to Disable Sending Email now removes the request and requirement for name and email from the client input form.

    2.1.2 - January/4/2018

    • Added tags to ActiveCampaign.com autoresponder extension.

    2.1.1 - January/2/2018

    • Updated Autoresponder Support

    2.1 - December/26/2017

    • Updated copyright.

    • Updated autoresponder support.

    • Added ActiveCampaign autoresponder.

    1.13 - September/18/2017

    • Added Email BCC Settings with reorganized layout.

    • Added setting to disable branding link to LifeShiftAcademy.com.

    1.12.2 - May/17/2017

    • Corrected warning message if admin settings are not saved.

    1.12.1 - May/16/2017

    • Added multiple quiz settings.

    • Added warning message if admin settings are not saved.

    This is an important update if you want to include more than one Wheel of Life on your website.

    1.10 - May/10/2017

    • Refreshed Buttons and included hover text settings

    • Improved look and feel of plugin settings.

    1.9.3 - May/9/2017

    • Added html5 required field handling.

    • Improved input box style.

    • Changed to default theme fonts.

    • This looks much better!

    1.9.2 - May/9/2017

    • Improved image embed in user report. This looks much better!

    1.9.1 - May/9/2017

    • Corrected button colors for Internet Explorer users.

    1.8.9 - January/14/2017

    • Removed title from generated example image.

    1.8.8 - January/11/2017

    • Updated copyright.

    • Updated PHPMailer.

    1.8.7 - January/10/2017

    • Changed example image size to large by default.

    • There is a new admin setting to switch back to the smaller size if needed.

    1.8.6 - December/26/2016

    • Fixed phpmailer vulnerability that was made public today.

    1.8.5 - December/24/2016

    • Added image generation on plugin activation if user settings exist.

    1.8.4 - December/12/2016

    • Removing error_log warnings.

    1.8.3 - December/8/2016

    • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

    • Added code to handle cases when multi-byte string support is not installed.

    1.8.2 - December/5/2016

    • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

    • Updated code to improve license Deactivate

    • Updated Mailer code

    • Added information on the settings screen so you know how to set up the shortcode to use the plugin

    1.8.1 - November/23/2016

    Update mail handling code.

    1.8 - November/3/2016

    Modified to fix an incompatibility with some versions of PHP 7.0 that stopped including image anti aliasing in the shipped version.

    1.7.25 - October/18/2016

    Improved client side license control infrastructure.

    1.7.24 - October/16/2016

    Client Side support for "strict" license enforcement. This is an important infrastructure update.

    1.7.23 - October/3/2016

    Corrected admin settings manager. This is an important update if you have users on your system lower than 'administrator' who do not have 'manage_options" authority. (ie., Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, etc)

    1.7.22 - October/1/2016

    Correcting license upgrade management system.

    1.7.21 - October/1/2016

    Enhanced client side license support.

    1.7.20 - September/28/2016

    License support update.

    1.7.19 - September/28/2016

    License support update.

    1.7.18 - September/19/2016

    The assumption was made in the code that instructions will always be set and used inside the plugin. In the case where the instructions are placed in the page instead, the variable that displays the example image is never set....so the page doesn't display the example plugin image.

    1.7.17 - September/12/2016

    Update to ConvertKit Sequences/Courses support.

    1.7.16 - September/10/2016

    Compatibility update. This is important for AWeber autoresponder users.

    1.7.15 - September/10/2016

    This update is a rewrite of the autoresponder framework. Added support for AWeber Enhanced support for ConvertKit to include Sequence/Course support.

    1.7.9 - September/3/2016

    This is a critical update. Spelling error that was corrected in only one place....and it was a variable name that is used to display the category fields. OOPS. Thank you for updating to this version.

    1.7.8 - September/3/2016

    This is an important update. A lesson in logic..... Back to Logic 101. Cheers!

    1.7.6 - September/1/2016

    This is another important AJAX update. Some AJAX calls are required to be processed. This update corrects that problem.

    1.7.5 - August/31/2016

    Compatibility updates and code improvements. This is an important AJAX update. A bug was fixed that caused errors when user is not logged in.

    1.7.3 - August/21/2016

    Compatibility updates and code improvements.

    1.7.2 - August/17/2016

    Changed wording on Admin screen. Fixed minor code error.

    1.7.1 - August/16/2016

    Updated 'whas' specific text substitutions. Corrected background color changes. Changed the default to read-only for categories by flipping the meaning of the setting. Instead of 'set as read only' the setting now means 'allow editing'.

    1.7 - August/16/2016

    Added 'whas' specific text substitutions. Improved license verification performance.

    1.6.7 - August/15/2016

    Set the background color of the generated chart to always white.

    1.6.6 - August/13/2016

    Just a little too aggressive in error checking...which introduced an error. This is an important update.

    1.6.5 - August/12/2016

    Corrected reference to the name of example image.

    1.6.4 - August/12/2016

    Corrected autoresponder setting. Added submit button colors.

    1.6.3 - August/11/2016

    Improved dynamic loading of autoresponder lists.

    1.6 - August/10/2016

    Initial Wheel of Life Pro version based on the standard edition and adding autoresponder lead generation capabilities!

Requires: 5.0 or higher
Tested up to: 6.1.1
Last Updated: 2022-12-19 03:33:55am