Wheel Of Life

Configure a Wheel of Life (or Circle of Life) for your website. Support your clients with visuals.

3.5.2 - July/28/2022

  • Added Console Banner.

  • Added version improvements.

3.5 - July/17/2022

  • Product refresh.

  • PHP 8 compatibility updates.

3.2 - November/25/2021

  • Thinner divider lines.

3.1.9 - May/25/2021

  • Update to match Wheel Plugin Pro information.

3.1.8 - February/16/2021

  • PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 compatibility updates.

3.1.6 - August/25/2020

  • PHP 7.4 compatibility updates.

3.1.5 - June/20/2020

  • Byron.com --> ByronServices.com Support Change.

3.1.2 - April/14/2020

  • Improved error logging.

  • Improved license activation.

3.1 - January/20/2020

  • Synchronize with Pro version

2.9.3 - January/6/2020

  • Corrected color bug.

2.9.1 - October/19/2019

  • Updated image creation and settings.

2.9 - October/19/2019

  • Added the "Use alternate mailer" option to improve email deliverability on some systems.

2.8 - October/9/2019

  • Updated mailing code.

2.7.7 - June/19/2019

  • Synchronize changes with Wheel of Life Pro 2.7.7

  • Adjusted customer layout

2.7.6 - June/18/2019

  • Synchronize changes with Wheel of Life Pro

2.7.2 - June/9/2019

  • Synchronize changes with Wheel of Life Pro

  • Fixed Example Image Generation

2.7 - June/7/2019

  • Synchronize changes with Wheel of Life Pro

  • Add upgrade links

2.6.9 - June/5/2019

  • Updated for PHP changes

2.6.3 - March/29/2019

  • Corrected code to save plugin settings.

2.6.2 - March/20/2019

  • Compatibility updates with PHP and WordPress

2.6 - July/19/2018

  • Added support for byronservices.com Contact Console.

2.5 - June/24/2018

  • Added the option to collect user phone number.

  • Added user provided values to the end of the emailed report.

2.4.1 - June/12/2018

  • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

2.4 - June/8/2018

  • Removed confusing options.

  • Synchronized with Wheel of Life Pro.

2.2 - January/18/2018

  • Fixed problem when data is not present.

2.1 - December/26/2017

  • Updated copyright.

1.13 - September/18/2017

  • Reorganized email settings.

1.12.2 - May/17/2017

  • Corrected warning message if admin settings are not saved.

1.12.1 - May/16/2017

  • Added warning message if admin settings are not saved.

1.10 - May/10/2017

  • Refreshed Buttons and included hover text settings

  • Improved look and feel of plugin settings.

1.9.3 - May/9/2017

  • Added html5 required field handling.

  • Improved input box style.

  • Changed to default theme fonts.

  • This looks much better!

1.9.2 - May/9/2017

  • Improved image embed in user report. This looks much better!

1.9.1 - May/9/2017

  • Corrected button colors for Internet Explorer users.

1.8.9 - January/14/2017

  • Removed title from generated example image.

1.8.8 - January/11/2017

  • Updated copyright.

  • Updated PHPMailer.

1.8.7 - January/10/2017

  • Changed example image size to large by default.

  • There is a new admin setting to switch back to the smaller size if needed.

1.8.6 - December/26/2016

  • Fixed phpmailer vulnerability that was made public today.

1.8.5 - December/24/2016

  • Added image generation on plugin activation if user settings exist.

1.8.4 - December/12/2016

  • Removing error_log warnings.

1.8.3 - December/8/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Added code to handle cases when multi-byte string support is not installed.

1.8.2 - December/5/2016

  • PHP 7.0 Compatibility Updates

  • Updated code to improve license Deactivate

  • Updated Mailer code

  • Added information on the settings screen so you know how to set up the shortcode to use the plugin

1.8.1 - November/23/2016

Updated mail handling code.

1.8 - November/3/2016

Modified to fix an incompatibility with some versions of PHP 7.0 that stopped including image anti aliasing in the shipped version.

1.7.25 - October/18/2016

Improved client side license control infrastructure.

1.7.24 - October/16/2016

Client Side support for "strict" license enforcement. This is an important infrastructure update.

1.7.23 - October/3/2016

Corrected admin settings manager. This is an important update if you have users on your system lower than 'administrator' who do not have 'manage_options" authority. (ie., Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, etc)

1.7.22 - October/1/2016

Correcting license upgrade management system.

1.7.21 - October/1/2016

Enhanced client side license support.

1.7.20 - September/28/2016

License support update. Version adjusted.

1.6.11 - September/28/2016

License support update.

1.6.10 - September/19/2016

The assumption was made in the code that instructions will always be set and used inside the plugin. In the case where the instructions are placed in the page instead, the variable that displays the example image is never set....so the page doesn't display the example plugin image.

1.6.9 - September/3/2016

This is a critical update. Spelling error that was corrected in only one place....and it was a variable name that is used to display the category fields. OOPS. Thank you for updating to this version.

1.6.8 - September/3/2016

This is an important update. A lesson in logic..... Back to Logic 101. Cheers!

1.6.6 - September/1/2016

This is a very minor update.

1.6.5 - August/31/2016

Compatibility updates and code improvements. This is an important compatibility update.

1.6.3 - August/21/2016

Compatibility updates and code improvements.

1.6.2 - August/17/2016

Added color settings for submit button. Changed the default to read-only for categories by flipping the meaning of the setting. Instead of 'set as read only' the setting now means 'allow editing'. Improved license verification performance.

1.6 - August/15/2016

Set the background color of the generated chart to always white.

1.5.11 - August/2/2016

Enabled color selection for the submit button so it can more closely match your theme.

1.5.10 - August/2/2016

Corrected layout and formatting. Improved display on smaller screens.

1.5.8 - August/1/2016

Corrected text substitution for new dynamic chart example.

1.5.7 - August/1/2016

Changed Title Font Added dynamic generation of example image. Save plugin settings to update the example image.

1.5.6 - July/29/2016

This is a very significant update if you want to use less than six categories or if you like prettier graphics. Corrected graphics label drawing. Improved look of the resulting graphs. Changed font rendering for category labels.

1.5.5 - July/26/2016

This is a very significant update. Improved plugin data handling. Corrected (limited) html handling. Changed plugin defaults. Added Circle of Life defaults option. Added dynamic editing of colors. Added dynamic editing of number of categories. Added check for GD libraries.

1.5 - July/25/2016

Important update. Activation handler updated. Enabled License Renew.

1.4.6 - July/17/2016

Path to css file was updated.

1.4.5 - July/15/2016

Updated path information to load font titles. Corrected autoupdate problem.

1.4.4 - July/14/2016

Updated path information to load fonts.

1.4.3 - July/14/2016

Updated packaging to handle PHP dependency issues.

1.4 - July/9/2016

Updated licensing system.

1.3.3 - July/1/2016

Compatibility updates.

1.3 - July/1/2016

Updated user input management and value sanitation.

1.2 - July/1/2016

Updated license management. Updated settings handling.

1.0 - July/1/2016

Corrected submit bug. Initial General Release of Wheel Of Life.

0.6 - July/1/2016

Updated Admin Settings Screen Layout.

0.5 - July/1/2016

Added default settings at plugin activation. Added setting to enable or disable the timestamp and signature on generated chart.

0.4 - July/1/2016

Initial DEVELOPMENT Release of Wheel Of Life.

Requires: 5.0 or higher
Tested up to: 6.0.1
Last Updated: 2022-07-29 04:59:51am