F alse

E xpectations

A ppearing

R eal

What is FEAR?

 It’s the feeling in your gut that you’ve stepped into the unknown.

Is this a good thing, or bad? 

I’ve been stepping into the unknown for several years now.  I still struggle with the expectations of failure.  Will they happen?  Maybe, but if I focus on failure, it’s guaranteed to be the result.

What do you fear?  Losing a relationship?  Losing a friend?  Losing a job?

The feelings we have when we experience loss are very real.  Focusing on the feelings of FEAR makes us stop and return to our comfort zone at any cost.  Getting out of your comfort zone and making progress is essential.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Progress depends on getting out of our comfort zone and pushing through FEAR.


F ailure to

E xperience

A nticipated

R ewards

Push through the FEAR to the rewards