Security vs. Freedom

When embarking on any new venture, there is a level of uncertainty that comes with new territory.  We’re trained from early childhood to:

 1. Get good grades, so we can

2. Go to college, so we can

3. Get a good job, so we can

4. Have Security

The only problem is, this formula does not result in security.  It results in dependence on a company to take good care of you.  In my experience the company no longer takes good care of you — even when you do a good job.

So, what is this Freedom thing?

When you take responsibility for your own income and choose not to depend on the “safe secure job” that most people talk about, you gain the ability to determine for yourself the outcome of your efforts to a much larger degree.

One of the key problems to the Freedom thing is believing that it is possible to do it outside the “safe secure job.”

Here’s to believing that Freedom is one of your options!