I Think I Can

One of my favorite stories as a little child, and one that I enjoyed reading to my children; The Little Engine That Could.  Do you recall the story?  Watty Piper wrote a story about people that pretty much matches real life.  He used train engines to tell the story.

There is a problem that must be solved.  The children on the other side of the mountain won’t have any toys or good food to eat for Christmas if the trainload of gifts isn’t delivered before morning.  It’s Christmas Eve and an array of engines is asked to do the task of pulling the gifts over the mountain.

The Little Engine That Could cover
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The first engine asked to help is too old and tired.

The second is too rusty.

The third is too busy.

The fourth is too conceited for such a low grade “job”.

After working through the list of engines most likely to get the job done, we meet the Little Blue Engine.  The Little Blue Engine isn’t very big.  The Little Blue Engine has never even been over the mountain.


The Little Blue Engine will succeed because; “I Think I Can!”

If you think you can or you think you cannot, you are probably right.

Last time I talked a bit about Belief.  The way you and I think is a direct reflection of what we believe.

Change your Results by changing your Thinking.  Your Thinking builds your Beliefs.  Your Beliefs generate your Actions.  Your Actions cause your Results.  If you need different results, you need different thoughts.

Can you do it?  Are you stuck?

The Decisions we make based on how we choose to Think bring about the Actions that can Change The World!

I’m rooting for you.  We’re all growing together.