Never Give Up

One of the more famous speeches of the twentieth century was given to a group of people who were at their lowest.  The hope of survival was seriously in question as the power of the enemy rained down on them.  The only hope of World War II Great Britain was hope.  Winston Churchill spoke to a hurting nation.  The only way that the nation could survive the attacks by their enemy was to NOT QUIT.


Quitting is sometimes a habit that protects us from the consequences of success.  We start projects with the intention of succeeding; the project might go smoothly, or poorly.  Some people are wired to either win, or quit.  Others are wired to fail and do so by quitting.  Success is just too scary for many to consider that it might be possible for me.

Comfort Zone

The way we are raised sets our expectations for what we can get out of life.  Any time the results that we see happening around us do not match those expectations, our systems adjust our actions to match the expectations.  This is a bit like a thermostat that sets the temperature for your home.  If the temperature drops below the level you’ve defined for your comfort zone, the thermostat turns on the furnace and warms your environment till you are comfortable.  If the temperature rises higher than your comfort zone, the air conditioner kicks in to lower the heat level till you are once again comfortable.  When our personal comfort zone is threatened by too much heat, or cold, our body kicks in to take action.  We will generally do anything to avoid changing our comfort zone.  Once you realize that you are being controlled by your comfort zone, intentional adjustments to your expectations can be made to radically change your results.


Results are the things that are most measurable.  Are you seeing the results from the investment you’ve made in yourself?

You do invest in yourself, right?

Real Life Tidbit:

You will never be sorry for growing yourself.  Make the commitment to be the best you that you can be.