Let’s Do It

I had a serious ah hah today.  At least I think I had one.

One of the biggest things that holds most people back is, oddness.  Your family and friends look at you like you’re an alien.  They tell you what you’re trying to do won’t work.  You don’t have very many people to talk to that really get what you’re trying to do.

And, that is the ah hah.  If you don’t find someone that can understand what you are doing, your likelihood of success is seriously reduced.

Like Minded People

How can a person like you and me stay connected with like minded people?  Get into a MasterMind group of people who have similar goals and can provide opportunity to meet other like minded people.  These opportunities to interact are extremely helpful in keeping track of what is going on and connected.


Many self employed people spend a great deal of time and money going to seminars.  One benefit is that many like minded people gather to learn about some aspect of business, investing, coaching and life.  It is possible to go to many seminars and never do any business deals.  We need to work together to get really valuable things done.  Certainty and confidence come from experience.   When we join together to get things done, we become much more able to do the business.  Doing leads to success.  Action is the only thing that will make success possible.

Joint Ventures

One of the best ways to gain confidence is to work with someone who’s been there before you.  We start off with the belief that “giving away” half of the profit of a deal is a bad deal.  It isn’t.  Giving away half of any completed deal is keeping the half you probably couldn’t have done alone.  There are thousands of self employed business people out there who have more experience than you do.  These connections can help you make intelligent decisions so you can move forward.  Having more than one inexperienced brain working through the details of a project, provides a much better chance of success.  If you, with no experience, attempted the same deal, there might not be a profit.


Everyone who specializes in education will tell you that nobody succeeds in life and business without a mentor.  When they say this, they generally are selling a mentorship program.  These programs can be very helpful.  However, without one-on-one personal interest and contact, I have experienced several “mentorships” that are less helpful.  The personal involvement of a Joint Venture and an in-person team greatly increases the likelihood of success.

Real Life Tip

Find a partner or close friend who understands what you are doing.  Learn things from them that you don’t understand.  Teach them things that you do understand.  Share knowledge and experience.  Make your team wealthy in knowledge, experience and cash.